What Really Happens at the Environmental Wilderness Site (EWC)

Erin “Stan” Stanley and Ryan Moran lead the Wild Panthers program. They take Middle School students out to ISB’s adventure camp near a reservoir and provide fantastic experiential learning experiences for our students.

You may have wondered what a typical day “out there” looks like.  Stan and Ryan share the mission behind the program along with the daily activities that take place there every week.

Stan (Erin Stanley) is one of the teachers in the Wild Panthers Outdoor Education team. She previously worked as an environmental educator and has spent 13 years working with students on outdoor trips. Stan believes that experiential learning and exploring can be a key to understanding and developing for all learners.

Ryan Moran worked for a number of years in the field of outdoor education in the USA (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, Colorado) mostly providing people with disabilities opportunities in the outdoors.

Following that, he was a Grade 5 teacher for eleven years in Colorado, USA, Belgrade, Serbia and Beijing, China.  

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