TEDx Students – Emily & Todd

TED and its younger cousin TEDx, are powerful platforms designed to help us share “ideas worth spreading.”  In this episode, we talk with two high school students that presented at the worldwide event, and shared their thoughts with our ISB community.

Emily Merritt discusses apathy and the voice of youth in politics. Meanwhile, while Todd Amatayakul is rewriting the age-old question ‘What do you want to be?’ into ‘How can you impact NOW?’ They share surprising moments of being chosen, some TEDx B-side topics, and secrets of living your passion to keep you balanced.



Todd Amatayakul is a 17-year-old studying at International School Bangkok. His recent works with entrepreneurial projects in the educational toy field have led to his interest in youth empowerment. Through this newfound passion, he had the opportunity to work with youth in international schools around Bangkok.


Emily Merritt is a 16-year-old British-American who has lived in Eastern Asia for most of her life. She loves learning new things and solving problems, and hopes to apply these passions through education in the physical sciences.


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