Student Support From A School-Wide Perspective with Ryan and Matt

Student learning support needs continue to play a large role in schools today. Many see the need as something on the increase and an area where more and more resources are welcome.

Today I talk with ISB Psychologists Ryan Ruhl and Matt Johnson about their roles here at ISB.  We jump into how student support services work and what types of support students are in need of today.

Matt Johnson

I am in my 2nd year as the Elementary School Psychologist at ISB. Originally from North Dakota, I previously worked as a School Psych in Bend, OR, the home of many other famed ISB teachers, namely Mike Boll. I live here in Nichada with my wife, Colleen, and two-year-old son, Toren.

Ryan Ruhl

I grew up in Washington State in the USA. After completing my undergrad degree in education, I moved abroad to teach in Budapest. After 6 years of classroom teaching, I returned to the USA and did graduate school at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. My work in public schools was as an Intervention Specialist and School Psychologist. I moved back overseas and lived in Guangzhou, China, New Delhi, India, and now Bangkok, Thailand. Some passions of mine that are outside of education are cycling, climbing, and skiing.  

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