TEDx Students – Emily & Todd

TED and its younger cousin TEDx, are powerful platforms designed to help us share “ideas worth spreading.”  In this episode, we talk with two high school students that presented at the worldwide event, and shared their thoughts with our ISB community.

Emily Merritt discusses apathy and the voice of youth in politics. Meanwhile, while Todd Amatayakul is rewriting the age-old question ‘What do you want to be?’ into ‘How can you impact NOW?’ They share surprising moments of being chosen, some TEDx B-side topics, and secrets of living your passion to keep you balanced.



Todd Amatayakul is a 17-year-old studying at International School Bangkok. His recent works with entrepreneurial projects in the educational toy field have led to his interest in youth empowerment. Through this newfound passion, he had the opportunity to work with youth in international schools around Bangkok.


Emily Merritt is a 16-year-old British-American who has lived in Eastern Asia for most of her life. She loves learning new things and solving problems, and hopes to apply these passions through education in the physical sciences.


Using the Power of Images to Fight Animal Trafficking with Kayleigh Ghiot

The illegal wildlife trade is a persistent and still growing problem faced by our planet. As the world population continues to expand, the demand for exotic animals expands as well. ISB marketing expert, Kayleigh Ghiot, discusses and shares her passion for countering the illegal wildlife trade. 

Using the power of images and video, Kayleigh highlights the emotion of the issue and brings its reality to our doorstep.

Kayleigh Ghiot

Kayleigh is an experienced photographer, graphic designer and communications specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit industry.  See her work on her website: www.kayleighghiot.com


Do You Know Who You Are? | Show # 6

Are you an Obliger, or a Rebel? Maybe you identify as a Questioner and not an Upholder? Looking at personalities, we discuss ambiverts, the accuracy of categorizing, and how compatible the results may or may not be.

Comparing the classic Meyers-Briggs test with a new 4-category indicator, how do we know if our roles in life are the right ones?

200 Meters From The Summit: Mountain Climbing Denali With Rob Tyler


As we progress through life and work to do interesting and helpful things, natural obstacles appear along the way.  Sometimes we know those obstacles will be there and other times we are surprised by them. Rob Tyler, ISB’s business development specialist, encountered both expected and unexpected obstacles and he worked to climb Denali in Alaska, USA last June.  

Rob shares his story and helps us understand that while climbing brings him a sense of control, sometimes it is those elements beyond your control that gives you the most pause and opportunity to reflect.


Rob spends a lot of time mountaineering and trekking and in June 2019, he spent three weeks attempting to summit Denali in Alaska.

Rob is a Canadian-born British raised in Hong Kong. A business developer at heart, he worked in the private sector in a number of environments ranging from hostile (Afghanistan and Yemen) to exciting emerging markets like Myanmar and Papua New Guinea.


I Thought You Did The Dishes | Show #5

From Movember manscaping to stay-at-home hipsters, the ‘typical male’ identity is changing. But how does that change the household power dynamics? 

We look at care-taking, shared responsibilities, and how empathy affects gender roles.

The Joker | Show #4

A DC movie that’s actually an Oscar-contender??!! You gotta be JOKING. 

We take a look at the critically-acclaimed film, “The Joker” and its award-winning performance by Joaquin Phoenix.

Are We Actually Too Busy? | Show #3

To-do lists, GTD, timers and schedules…! Multitasking is part of our busy daily lives, but are people really any busier? Do we just feel busy? 

We talk about how to use tech tools and change perceptions in managing your ‘busy-ness’.

My Tribe Is Better Than You and Your Tribe | Show #2

Borders can provide us with a surrounding sense of pride, but is nationalism a good thing? Looking at communications and social media influences, we talk about the human tendency towards tribalism. In a global identity, can we “support our own” without the detriments of supreme exclusion?

Confidence Is Not Perfection | Show #1

Planning for life’s events, how confident are you that everything will be PERFECT? Are creative skills or logistical skills more important for success? 


We share moments of building confidence and how imperfections can actually help. Strive for excellence, but plan for –and learn from– mistakes.

The Mario Framework brings a feedback and lesson system to learning support classrooms

As a learning support teacher, you may have heard and used a variety of techniques to help your classroom run more efficiently and effectively.  Yet maybe you felt the need for a specific system that organizes student learning and increases student feedback.

Phil Bowman, my guest today, talks about this Mario Framework. A framework designed for learning support classrooms and teachers.

Philip Bowman is a learning support teacher in his ninth year at International School Bangkok. His career in special education began over 14 years ago, shortly after being diagnosed as an adult with ADHD. Drawing on his personal experiences with ADHD and varied background in science, research, liberal arts, special education, motivation, mindfulness, and video games, he created an empathetic and playful approach to learning support that focuses on sustainable results through personalized learning. 

Philip believes that, in addition to in-class support, all students with exceptionalities should have access to effective learning support classes that target overall learning and life-long success. He recently founded the MARIO Framework to help further this mission by providing a shared space for learning support teachers to build and/or improve their own ideal classroom.