200 Meters From The Summit: Mountain Climbing Denali With Rob Tyler


As we progress through life and work to do interesting and helpful things, natural obstacles appear along the way.  Sometimes we know those obstacles will be there and other times we are surprised by them. Rob Tyler, ISB’s business development specialist, encountered both expected and unexpected obstacles and he worked to climb Denali in Alaska, USA last June.  

Rob shares his story and helps us understand that while climbing brings him a sense of control, sometimes it is those elements beyond your control that gives you the most pause and opportunity to reflect.


Rob spends a lot of time mountaineering and trekking and in June 2019, he spent three weeks attempting to summit Denali in Alaska.

Rob is a Canadian-born British raised in Hong Kong. A business developer at heart, he worked in the private sector in a number of environments ranging from hostile (Afghanistan and Yemen) to exciting emerging markets like Myanmar and Papua New Guinea.


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